Pets of Tom's Nap Room

First we have Boots. Boots is a purebred Maine Coon Cat we adopted from a shelter after his previous caretaker died. 

He is friendly and HUGE!!

He sometimes comes up behind you and digs his claws into your but when you arent' looking.  He is tall enough to reach up to your stomach when he comes up to you.   His nickname is "Big Boy"


Nit Cat

This is Nittany.  We have had her for about a year.  She is very sweet and loves to have her tummy rubbed. 

Some people call her "Crazy Claws" because she like to play rough, but its just fun for her.  She play bites, and then likes you to make you feel better.

Her nickname is "wee wee" because she is small.



This is our Guinea Pig, Jimmy Pig. 

When we first got him we thought he was a girl and named him Penelope.  Now he still thinks he's a girl.

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This is our newest addition, Oreo.

We adoted her from the local SPCA.