July 30, 2004

"I choose You!!"

Photo courtesy of CounterPunch

The Democrats have chosen their man. Through a 45 minute speech Kerry spoke rather well. He mentioned Vietnam about 20 times, and spoke more about that then his 20 year career in the Senate.

I wonder why?

Most of his speech was very general about foreign affairs. He said he will make sure the troops get all the supplies they need (He did once vote for that before voting against it), said he will make sure the CIA gets all the tools they need to fight terror (how does proposing cutting the CIA fit into that).

He said he will make America Stronger at Home, and Safer in the World. He said a lot of things which contradicted each other, as usual he was on o both sides of many issues. He railed against pre-emtive war in Iraq, but then implied that we should have acted pre-emptively before 9/11.

All those foreign affairs issues got minor applauses from the delegates, proving that the red meat Dems really don't see foreign affairs as a priority. The only major applauses really came when he directly attacked Bush when he said that he would not mislead this country into war.

The true love from the Dem hardcoores for Kerry came during the domestic agenda section of the speech where he called for (did he?) national healthcare, tax rollbacks hikes for the rich while repeatedly saying "Help is on the way".

Well, if help is on the way, I don't need it. I'm doing just fine. In fact I am far better than I was when George Bush took office. I was laid off then, and barely getting by. Now, I have a great job, own my own home and am living the American dream of prosperity and security.

Why would I change quarterbacks at halftime when I am up?

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July 29, 2004

Separated at birth?

Introducing John Kerry tonight is Vanessa Kerry. Is it me, or does she look kinda like Odo from Deep Space 9?



Vanessa and Odo. Separated at birth??

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Who is Hitler?

From Yahoo News:

Bl(A)ck Tea members joined with anti-war groups in a march that began in Copley Square shortly after noon and quickly grew into the largest demonstration since thousands of anti-war and anti-abortion protesters greeted delegates on Sunday as they arrived in the city.

The crowd, estimated at around 400 people, looped through the city's Financial District before heading toward the FleetCenter. They were accompanied by about 100 police officers wearing helmets and carrying shields. Seven protesters with hoods tied themselves to a police barricade.

When they arrived outside the fenced-in demonstration zone near the FleetCenter, the protesters set fire to a two-faced effigy — one side showing Bush, the other Kerry. As it burned, the protesters stomped on the puppet, while others burned copies of Bush's autobiography.

Burning Bush and Kerry in effigy, and burning books. Hmm. Didn't Hitler do that too?

I guess the Neocons aren't "Hitler". It appears that the hippy, American hating, punks who are demonstrating the Democrats for not being liberal enough are the true Fascists.

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Couldn't do it last night

I'm sorry. I couldn't do it last night. I couldn't make my self watch the Prell Girl talk about whatever the hell he talked about. Though I heard his 20 year old daughter introduced him,. She's kinda cute, and that would have been the high point of the evening.

From what I hear he did his basic Two Americas speech, the one where he says there are two Americas. One where rich trial lawyers and gold digging liberals from Boston live in mansions while blaming the rich for all trouble in the world. Yeah, that one.

Instead I watched "Sex And the City", and I realized that Carrie is a stupid bitch. In last night's episode she broke up with Mr. Big (aka John) because he wouldn't commit to calling her "the one". He broke her heart

Then I remember twice when she was dating Aiden a few years later and SHE wouldn't commit to marriage. She broke HIS heart.

What a fickle pain in the ass. Samantha was the only one who was consistent.

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July 27, 2004

DNC Convention: Day 2

Day two is mercifully in the bank. Not much happened. Some 14 year old future Clinton intern said Bush and Cheney need a timeout, how cute. Thank God 14 year old Democrats can't vote. (Except in Chicago where even dead Democrats can vote)

Howard Dean used every fiber of his self-control to not start screaming uncontrollably. He also urged people to not vote for third candidates, because after all, the DNC is not really in favor of Democracy.

Ted Kennedy, in a true drunken stupor stumpled through his speech, having trouble with the word "suburban", I guess since there aren't as many liquor stores in the suburbs, he can't say that word.

The headliner, Teresa Heinz Kerry, did her best to prove that her husband was not the most boring public speak, but she was. She succeeded excellently.

Hey, I didn't know that Kerry was in Vietnam! Apparently so! I guess the other 500 times they mentioned it tonight, I didn't hear it, so it's news to me!

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Jackass in Space

This almost deserves to be a caption contest.

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Tonight at the DNC Convention

Tonight there are many good speakers. Tom Daschle, Dick Gephardt and the followingn three names of note:

First is Chris Heinz, Stepson of John Kerry. Stupid prick. If I wasn't going to boycott Heinz Ketchup, now I am. If this guy says anything about Bush or Republicans, let the boycott begin.

Teresa Heinz Kerry, Wife of John Kerry. Fitting she goes before The Swimmer on the slate, since she hates him. How fitting a flip flopper married a flip flopper.

And in my mind, Ted Kennedy, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts is the headliner. In order to experience the convention as Ted does I will drink an entire bottle of Banker's Club Gin, and then drive my car into the lake. "I said two olives in my martini, dammit!!"
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DNC Convention: Day 1

I like how the party of Jackasses continually tries to masquerade as a centrist party. With special guest stars of Michael Moore, Al Gore, Al Sharpton, and Howard Dean, I can hardly call them a big tent party.

Where are Zell Milller and Joe Lieberman?

Last night the old farts and hag Jackasses came out to party. Al Gore, after taking some Prozac, came out and kept talking about the 'selection' of 2000; always making jokes, but still bringing it up none the same.

The Peanut Farmer stumbled out, with increasing speech patterns like Jesse Jackson, and spun yarns on how his administration was the great foreign policy administration where stagflation was a great thing, and shit didn't stink.

Hillary was out, and it occurred to me, that she shrieks at everything. Even if she were a funeral director, he voice would still shriek during every sentence.

Then the big guy came out, to thunderous applause; Bill Clinton was back. I have to admit, this guy is good. He is a much better public speaker than Bush, and makes John Kerry look like the alternate for a middle school debate team.

As usual Bill told his usual half truths about "tax cuts for the wealthy" and how Bush was destroying the environment by repealing the environmental initiatives that Clinton waited until the last 30 days in office to implement, or how 80,000 cops will be jobless because of the expiring unfunded mandate that Clinton pushed through while he was in office.

And of course, the one million jobs lost. Wait, I thought it was two? Hmm, I guess through a recount they found an extra one million jobs which bush didn't lose.

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