November 18, 2003

Cat Fights

Let me start off by saying the only cat fight I DO like is one in a bar, between a blonde and a redhead.

I do not, however, like the feline kind.

Well we have our new cat Boots, the big 25 pounder who was raised in a house with 5 other cats. He is used to cats, and should be able to adapt.

Then there is little Nittany. This 7 pound cat likes to torment "Big Boy" (as I calll him), by swatting at his tail while he eats and his head while he uses the litter box.

Boots, being the nice guy he is, took it for so long. But he finally realized that he outweights the Nittany Cat by about 3-1, so he would use this to his advantage.

So, after cornering Nittany, and after some back and forth hissing and growling, he moved in for the attack. Now, I am always there to break it up, drawn by growls and knowing I must stop these fights so the two can eventually at least tolerate each other.

I think part of it is they both follow me around the house, cooing and meowing for my attention, and like little children can't stand being second fiddle to daddy.


Posted by psugrad98 at November 18, 2003 08:31 AM

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